About Carbon Art Photography

Jim Fitzgerald is a large and Ultra large format Photographer, Camera Builder and Carbon Transfer Specialist. Mr. Fitzgerald is also an educator who teaches the historic process known as Carbon Transfer Printing.

Jim currently resides in Vancouver Washington. A California Native he recently retired to the Pacific Northwest to devote himself to his photography, woodworking love of nature and the woman he loves who is his greatest inspiration.

A self educated photographer and camera builder, Jim started out over 40 years ago creating images in 35mm of the world, people and the landscapes he loves. In 2000, Jim began his journey with Large Format cameras, developing his own film, printing his own images in black and white. “I needed total control over my work”. Workshops conducted in the field and the darkroom by respected photographers Per Volquartz and Vaughn Hutchins inspired Jim to create his finest work. His tools of choice? Hand crafted 8×10, 8×20, 11×14 and 14×17 Walnut cameras some weighing over 30 lbs!

Jim’s images are held in private collections.

A traditional photographer, Jim specializes in monochrome Carbon Transfer Contact Printing from in camera negatives. Carbon Transfer printing, a process perfected by Joseph Swan in 1864, is a highly labor intensive process that yields prints of the finest quality. The artist has total control of the image tonality due to the creative blending of pigments used to manufacture the carbon tissue which is used to complete his vision. From this tissue the image is born. Carbon prints require a minimum of four or more days work to produce one finished print. Truly a labor of love and passion. Jim teaches carbon transfer printing and offers workshops in his studio/darkroom at his home in Vancouver Washington.