Survivors I

On May 12, 2018 a one of a kind carbon transfer book was released at LightBox Photographic Gallery in Astoria Oregon.

Every part of the book was created by the Carbon Transfer artist Jim Fitzgerald.

This edition and all subsequent editions will be created by the artist.

Every image and most importantly the text is printed in the 1864 process of carbon transfer printing. A first of its kind and the only book known to have been printed completely under water!

This first edition is a highly collectible work of art. Carbon prints are one of the most archival images an artist can produce.

These investment quality editions are available for purchase directly from the artist.

Included is the hand bound Walnut paper covered book, printed on the finest watercolor papers and a separate portfolio which includes two free standing prints signed by the artist which are suitable for framing along with their certificates of authenticity.

The editions are housed in a custom Japanese linen cover clamshell case meeting all requirements for archival permanence.

Please enjoy this edition printed in “The Process of Royalty” Carbon Transfer.

The entire edition is presented below.